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What is gamification?

Gamification is the act of applying game-like elements into parts of an existing business workflow. It can be applied into marketing campaigns, consumer-facing portals, internal employee systems, sales systems, backoffice systems and more.

Typical formats of gamification include mini games with rewards, which are embedded into websites, corporate engagement platforms, mobile apps, CRMs and more.

Why do brands use gamification with Coupon Voucher And QR Codes?

Why do marketers use gamification?

The global games industry is now a $200 billion dollar market annually. This easily surpasses the movie industry ($42 billion), TV industry ($28 billion), and music industry ($20 billion) combined. With games becoming more mainstream, consumers now expect to engage with your brand in a gamified way.

Our clients use gamification in various channels including online marketing campaigns, social media, consumer portals and apps, on-site brand activations, trade shows, retail kiosks, employee engagement programs, sales motivation systems, client side portals, and more.

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Case Study - Racing Game For Branded Kiosks

Using our game engine Rally Champion, we developed a custom branded racing game for our client.

Players navigate a cool rally car through a variety of forest themed race tracks. They avoid bumping into rival cars while riding on speed lanes to activate nitro boosts (a type of speed up boost).

The top 10 players are awarded a prize by the booth representative.



Case Study - Intel Memory Challenge For A Corporate Event

As part of a corporate event for executives of Intel, we built a memory match game. The game was deployed as a warm-up event for participants, to get them excited before the actual event begins. Players attempt to match Intel branded product cards in the least amount of moves to generate the highest score.

In order to save development cost and lower time-to-market, we reskinned our existing Memory Match game engine. We changed the graphics of the game, while maintaining the core gameplay experience. Hence, we were able to pass along cost savings of up to 80% to the client, compared to if the game was built from scratch.

The game also comes integrated with our cloud leaderboard system, which allows users to register, play and rank competitively with other participants at the event. The event organizer receives access to a backend CMS from which they are able to view, manage and export the leaderboard data into Excel. They're also able to reset the leaderboard for multiple groups of participants on the same day.



Case Study - Toyota Personality Quiz For A Branded Booth

By leveraging our Personality Quiz game engine, we adapted it for Toyota as part of a dealership activation campaign. Booth visitors step up to an iPad to answer a series of questions about their lifestyle, hobbies, aspirations and spending behaviors. At the end of the game, we recommended a Toyota model that suits their profile.

Once the game experience is over, the booth representative approaches the prospect to start a conversation and schedule a test drive.



Case Study - Automotive Trivia Game For A Branded Booth

We helped a client launch an automotive trivia history at a recent event in the US.

On-site visitors answer a series of 20 highly specific automotive history questions. Questions range from the history of older vehicle models to new and emerging brands from the electric vehicle segment. Prizes are awared to players who answer at least 10 questions correctly.

To develop the game, we used our Trivia game engine, which we adapted to fit the client's objectives. The art direction resonated with history buffs. The questions were tough questions that not everyone had the answer to.



Case Study - Gamification With Coupon Voucher And QR Codes For Retail Businesses

We collaborated with a large optical retail group to create an exciting game for their rewards programme.

Using our 3D game Drift Boss, we reskinned the car models, the roads, the backgrounds and the game title. We then replaced the background music with a more contemporary hip-hop track, to cater to a younger audience.

Players control a variety of branded drift cars from eyewear brands such as Acuvue, Freshkon, Hoya, Bausch and Lomb, and Alcon. Top players get to convert their leaderboard points into actual reward programme points, giving them massive value for their next purchase and building brand loyalty.


Gamification For Snack Food Product

Case Study - Gamification for the Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry

We worked with Hula Hoops, a Top 100 social snack food brand in the UK and Ireland. Players score as many 'hoops' as possible within the allocated timeslot for a chance to win cash prizes.

Using the original engine from our game, Flick Basketball, we rebranded the game with our client's logos and brand messaging.

A leadgen form collects user data based on consent, and elligible winners are contacted at the end of the campaign.

Gamification For Sporting Events

Case Study - Gamification in Sporting Events

In collaboration with Hyundai and FOX Sports Australia, we built a competition-based soccer game for TV viewers. The player who scores the highest wins a brand new car.

Using the original engine from our game, Penalty Kick, we rebranded the game to feature a rich penalty kick experience.

The goal was to drive awareness and generate leads from TV viewers who're interested in the new Hyundai i30. We received over 100k entries within a 72 hour period.

Read the full case study here.

Gamification For Airport Terminals

Case Study - Gamification For Airport Terminals

We helped a Top 10 international airport gamify it's passenger arrival experience.

Using the original engine from our game, Flappy Super Kitty, we rebranded the game with our client's logos and brand messaging.

Upon achieving a certain score, vouchers are presented at the end of the game to reward incoming tourists and encourage them to shop more.

Gamification For The Telecoms Industry

Case Study - Gamification in the Telecoms Industry

We helped Boost Mobile, a US-based mobile operator launch a branded card game at a trade show. The goal was to generate brand awareness and collect leads for future upsell.

Using the original engine from our game, 3 Card Monte, we rebranded the game with the Boost Mobile logos and brand messaging.

To add a touch of competition, we added a registration, login and leaderboard system. Booth visitors got to compete for the top 10 spot.

Read the full case study here.

Gamification For The Telecoms Industry

Case Study - Gamification for the Fashion Industry

Bobbies, a French designer shoe brand approached us to build a fun and engaging game to gamify their target audience.

Using the original engine from our game, Fruit Blade, we rebranded the game to feature the beautiful shoes from the brand.

With help of our registration and leaderboard system, the game was launched as a contest, where top scorers get to win real designer shoes from Bobbies. The collected data is then used as business leads for lead nurturing.

Read the full case study here.

Parking Puzzle Game For Toyota

Case Study - Parking Puzzle Game For Toyota

We built a fun puzzle game for a Toyota dealership branded game in North America.

Using our game Car Park Puzzle as the starting template, we changed the cars into Toyota branded cars. Players tap and drag on the touchscreen to move the cars. The objective is to clear a path for the red Toyota car, to drive out of the parking lot (hence, helping the prospect visualize the act of buying a car and driving it out of the dealership lot).

To ensure we don't miss any potential prospects, we added a leadgen form powered by our cloud leadgen system. This allows the client's sales team to followup with prospects that they weren't able to strike up conversations with during peak hours.

Space Invaders Wireless Arcade HTML5 Game

Case Study - Space Invaders for a branded game campaign

We deployed our Space Invaders game for a branded game project in North America. The player steps up to the stage, is given a wireless arcade controller and tries to defend Earth from an alien invasion.

Players who rank Top 10 in the leaderboards are awarded prizes by the booth representative.

Link to the video here.

Toyota Tundra Truck HTML5 Game

Case Study - Tow Truck Challenge Game For A Toyota Activation Campaign

We built a branded game kiosk game to promote one of Toyota's latest pickup truck models, the Toyota Tundra.

Using our game Tow Truck Challenge as the starting template, we designed a fun challenge where the player has to tow heavy loads along the track, while making sure they have enough fuel reserves.

The game is designed to showcase the heavy-duty towing capability of the Toyota Tundra truck.

Gamification With Coupon Voucher And QR Codes Leaderboards

How do I generate leads?

There are a few solutions. The most common method is to add a registration form at the start of the experience. The data is then submitted to our cloud leadgen system for processing. Other methods include moving the form to the end of the game, or triggering it at specific events in the game.

Depending on what data you wish to collect, we can change the leadgen form fields to collect information such as name, email, phone numbers and occupation. It can also be a mini survey format.

We can also submit data directly to your own CRM systems, such as:

  1. Hubspot
  2. Marketo
  3. Responsys
  4. Constant Contact
  5. Mailchimp

Gamification With Coupon Voucher And QR Codes Rewards

How are the rewards assigned?

For online deployments, our clients typically give out coupon codes, vouchers, barcodes or QR codes. Coupon and voucher codes typically consist of

a) Generic codes: Examples include '10PERCENTOFF', 'SUMMERSALE', 'DIAMOND10'

b) Unique codes: Each code is unique to each recipient. The unique codes are typically pre-generated and stored on a cloud server. Our system allows our clients to generate additional codes as well.

Barcodes consist of any standard barcode formats such as EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code128, ITF-14, Code39, Data Matrix, PDF417 and more. We can generate dynamic barcodes that you can input into your system (eg: POS system), or we can read barcodes from your system (eg: as images or in other encoded format)

Once the reward is displayed, the user can choose to screencap the codes on their device, or copy to the clipboard. In other cases, we can automatically email or text the codes to the consumers.

Board White Label HTML5 Game With Inventory Management System

I have limited quantity of prizes to give away. Do you have some kind of inventory management system on the backend?

We have the capability to control the prize title, description, quantity of available prizes, odds, images and more.

Having a good mix of prizes and odds will encourage users to come back and play again, thus improving customer and brand loyalty.

For example, we can configure our backend to include

  1. one grand prize at extremely low odds (1% chance of winning)
  2. 20 medium value prizes at low odds (9% chance of winning)
  3. 10,000 low value prizes at high odds (90% chance of winning)

Gamification With Coupon Voucher And QR Codes Leaderboards

Can you implement a leaderboard for high scores?

Yes. We have a cloud based leaderboard solution, that we can implement into every game on MarketJS. The leaderboard can be shown within the game, or provided as a separate leaderboard link that you can plug into specific sections of the event.

Rank users based on their high score achievement. There's also the ability to reset the leaderboard at pre-determined times.

The data collected will be available via our backend CMS. Clients get access to view and export the data into Excel format as well.

Alternatively, we can also provide a simple API for your engineers to pull the data.

What kind of rewards can I give away?

Any type of prize is doable. Our clients have given out the following rewards

  1. T-shirts, keychains and other memorabilia
  2. Cash prizes
  3. Priority/VIP pass
  4. Free 1-on-1 consultations
  5. Free test drives (eg: automotive clients)

Gamification With Coupon Voucher And QR Codes Customization

Do you offer customization services for your games?

Yes. Depending on your goals, we can change aspects of the game such as

  1. Graphics and audio
  2. Different theme
  3. Different backgrounds
  4. Arrangement of objects
  5. Game rules or game logic
  6. Adding your brand logos or embedding product images

Gamification With Coupon Voucher And QR Codes Analytics

Do I get analytics of the games?

Yes. We provide analytics and a dashboard to easily keep track of your leads, players and rewards.

Depending on the project, we can provide a CMS backend which allows you to login, view the data and export into different formats such as Excel.

Can the game be integrated with 3rd party systems?

Yes. We have done integrations with many 3rd party systems. Examples include

  1. Embedding game links into other portals via iFrame direct linking
  2. Embedding game links into mobile apps via the WebView element (which is an in-app browser)
  3. Integrating special APIs provided by our clients
  4. Passing along certain datasets to our clients via HTTP POST calls

On which platforms can I deploy the game?

The game can be deployed within any website or mobile application.

Our HTML5 technology allows the game to be ported into any target platform you need.

Offline Kiosk Games For Branded Game Projects

Can the games work offline?

For offline environments such as events or exhibitions without internet access, we can prepare a special offline version to be run directly via a local server on-site.

In certain cases, we can prepare pre-packaged Android APKs or Windows Applications which can be pre-installed into the target device.

Coupon Codes For Branded Game Projects

Can you add coupon codes, QR codes, or barcodes into the game?

We can integrate special codes into the game to reward users. These can be coupon codes, vouchers, QR codes or barcodes of any standard format.

Rewards can be displayed in the following conditions:

  1. after the user wins
  2. as part of certain milestones achieved.
  3. random coupon placements, eg: as part of an Easter egg type hunt.
  4. at the start of the game experience, as an initial reward for encouragement.
  5. emailed to the user at the end of the game experience.
  6. texted (via SMS) to the user at the end of the game experience.
  7. any other custom condition.

Do you provide game localization services?

For an additional fee, we're able to localize all aspects of the game, including translating the text, and changing graphics to fit the local culture.

We support any language worldwide. Some of the languages we have worked on include German, Spanish, Spanish LATAM, French, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Norwegian, Burmese, Malay, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai, and more.

Please add a note in your contact form request, to indicate your target language.

Long Term Working Relationship

We're always on the lookout for long-term clients, because we see this as an opportunity to build a long-lasting working relationship.

In order make our clients succeed, we typically go above and beyond to ensure that the delivered solution actually solves their business objectives.

Trusted brands working with MarketJS

Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

We typically charge a simple licensing fee and customization, depending on several factors such as business goal, scope of the customizations, duration of campaign, number of devices/users, etc. Please include as much detail as possible, into the Contact form at the end of this page.

Do you sell the source code of the game?

We typically do not sell raw source code. We are a solutions-based company. Hence, we shall customize and deliver the finished product to you. MarketJS will typically host the games, while your event team will plug the game link into your target device.

If you need to self-host, we can arrange for that as well.

In some cases, where further or complex development is needed on your side, we can discuss a source code licensing arrangement.

Is the collected data GDPR compliant?


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