Emily's Journey - HTML5 Game

Find hidden objects to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Aunt Hilda

Reskin Notes

Using our Game Reskin method, we can change the following to suit your objectives:

  1. Characters
  2. Background (into a different backdrop)
  3. Hidden Objects
  4. UI
  5. Title
  6. Add brand messaging at the start or end of the game
  7. Audio
  8. Other items open to discussion

Feel free to complete the contact form (describe what you need in detail) and we'll provide a quote.


Play as Emily, the young niece who’s out to investigate the disappearance of Aunt Hilda.

Search for hidden objects to find clues about Aunt Hilda. Was she kidnapped? Was she avoiding a murky past? Does she carry multiple identities?

Decipher clues of Aunt Hilda’s disappearance, thanks to Kyle, the genius IT specialist who also happens to have an romantic interest in you.

Earn coins from each level, and use them to purchase bus tickets and lives to further your hidden object adventure.


  • Beautiful locations
  • Tough to find objects. They are hiding in plain sight!
  • Over 40 levels spanning 10 different locations
  • A shop to purchase bus tickets and lives

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HTML Game License

Ultra Premium 2999 USD

Licensing summary

  • - Fully functional, compiled game.
  • - For use on one project / end-product / client only.
  • - Deploy on one domain of choice (one website).
  • - No customization (game provided as-is).
  • - For additional customizations, multiple use or other requests, please fill in the contact form, or email [email protected] - we will provide a custom price quote

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For a small additional fee, we can localize the English version into the following languages: German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Taiwanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Malay, Indonesian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Finnish, Tagalog, Ukranian, Hebrew