About MarketJS

What we do, our principles, and why we consistently deliver high quality products to clients.

100-Year Vision

HTML5 is a ubiquitous internet standard. We're leveraging it to build solutions for various industries. Our core strength is media and gaming.

Products and Services

We operate a B2B HTML5 game marketplace for other companies and brands to license high quality games.

We help companies reskin or rebrand existing games from our portfolio.

We provide game feeds to clients who need to populate their portals with games.

We design and develop bespoke HTML5 games for brands.

We provide games to airlines and system integrators

We develop playable ads for mobile gaming and app companies with huge UA budgets.


Our clients are international, multi-billion dollar corporations such as Disney, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Fox, Nissan, Toyota, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Citibank and Hilton Hotels.

We also serve small and medium businesses around the world, consisting of digital agencies, consumer brands, industry specific brands, and more.

Feel free to read our case studies, or contact us for more information.


Ben, our CEO and Founder leads a team of engineers, developers and designers. Ben blogs frequently, via the MarketJS Blog.

Locations and meetings

We are a remote based team. Our CEO, Ben is always on the move, travelling to different continents around the world. For more inquries, please contact [email protected].

Partnerships and collaboration

We're open to partnership proposals. If you have a great proposal in mind, please feel free to reach out.

Staying independent

MarketJS remains to this day, an independent company with huge growth potential. We're focusing on both the production and distribution of cross-platform (HTML5) games. We're also planning to establish a beachhead in other industries.

Part of being independent is what fuels our growth. We are not pressured to follow mainstream thinking, hence we're able to keep experimenting with new ideas, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.