Buyer FAQs

A summarized list of frequently asked questions.

Who needs games?

Scenario 1: You're organizing an online event or virtual conference. You need some games to keep your users engaged.

Scenario 2: You operate an entertainment portal, and require fresh new content for your users. Where do you go, to get fresh content on a regular basis?

Scenario 3: You're an agency, and you need games rebranded for your clients. You need an existing game mechanic, with the artwork rebranded.

Scenario 4: You are a carrier network or content provider, with your own games portal. You'd like to populate them with quality HTML5 games.

Scenario 5: You operate a giant Flash games portal, but Flash games are obsolete. You need content that works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Scenario 6: You own a very popular native app with millions of downloads, but you want to host mini-games within the app to increase retention.

Scenario 7: You have your own hardware platform that supports HTML5. You need games to populate the platform in online / offline mode.

The solution

MarketJS sells premium games that work on the browsers of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. That covers the entire consumer devices market.

MarketJS allows anyone to buy distribution licenses to ready-made HTML5 games.

You are buying the rights to use the game for one specific commercial purpose only.

The deliverables

It depends on the license.

If your are purchasing a fixed fee license, we deliver the compiled game files. This is the fully functional game, which you can upload to your own server.

If your are purchasing a subscription-based license, we deliver the game links (one link per game). You can embed the links into your web application via iFrame, or via the WebView in your app (as an example)

Note: We do not deliver the raw source code, because that is our IP

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes. We offer discounts for purchases above 10 games.

Please use our contact form, or email [email protected]

What happens after a successful purchase?

Our team will contact you via email and prepare the deliverables.

What about quality checks?

Each game undergoes multiple real device testing by our internal QA team. Test results are publicly available, attached to each item.

I wish to reskin the game, with different artwork. Is this possible?

Our team can reskin the game for you, for an additional fee. Please read our game reskin section, for an in-depth explanation.

Once the details of the reskin project is finalized, we will provide a quote.

Can I host the game on multiple domains?

Each standard HTML5 Game License purchased will allow the game to work on 1 domain only (eg:

If you would to host your game on multiple domains, please use our contact form, or email [email protected]. We can prepare a custom, multiple-domain license for you.

I'm planning to distribute your games to non-web properties (i.e airplanes, hotels, taxis, etc).

This requires a custom license. The beauty of HTML5 is that it can adapt to any medium you wish. Please contact us and tell us how you plan to distribute the games. We'll then evaluate the opportunity and prepare a custom license for you.

Who am I doing business with?

You are doing business with MarketJS only. All games are produced internally by our own team.

Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the game?

MarketJS owns the IP rights. The buyer (you) acquires the non-exclusive distribution rights (license) to the game.

For reskin related projects (where the graphics of a game is changed to fit a specific business objective), the buyer owns the rights to the art used in the game. This means, the copy of the game that you get, belongs to you.

Can I modify the game by myself?

You are not allowed to modify the game.

We're happy to modify the game for you as part of our Reskin or Custom Development services. Please provide specific customziation requirements, and we will provide a quote.

I am a digital agency. Can I use your games for my client?

Yes. We will specify in the license specifically, that the game will be used for your client (eg: Client X).

Do you have a lower cost, subscription-based plan?

Yes, we do. For subscription based plans, MarketJS will host the games, and deliver the game links to you. Contact us to learn more. Please mention specifically in the contact form, that you're looking for the subscription plan.